Does the idea that your summer electric bills are right around the corner give you an uneasy feeling? 

In Austin, the average electric bill more than DOUBLES from April to August!! Why?

Mostly because of your A/C Unit in your home.

Here are some ways that customers have told us they would save on that summer time electric bill:

  1. Upgrade your A/C Unit to a new higher Tier rated system
  2. Increase the attic insulation & ventilation
  3. Install new windows on your home with higher efficiency ratings
  4. Install a programmable thermostat,  turn AC off while your away 
  5. Raise the thermostat a few decrees to run A/C Less while your home
  6. Avoid using your oven and clothes dryer, they give off too much heat


Have you ever thought about installing Solar Screens on your house? 

Unlike tint films, solar screens block the sun from heating up the glass on your windows. With the sun unable to heat the glass and the items inside your home. Your A/C Unit doesn't have to work as hard to cool your home, because its not heated up as much.

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